• 04-07-2013
    Vail Epic Pass (winter) and Mt. Biking at Vail (summer) discounts?
    I was thinking of getting an Epic Pass for next ski season (2013-2014) and it says Free access to Summer 2013 Hiking at Vail.

    Does anyone know if this includes bringing your bike up the Gondola?

    If not, what is the charge in the past years for bringing your bike with a free Hiking pass. It looks like it is 35$ without the Epic Pass to go up the Gondola with a bike.

    I called the Vail hotline and the guy was not sure.
  • 04-07-2013
    It doesn't include your bike. But you get a discount on the normal $35. It used to be $25 normally and $11 for winter pass holders. I guess with their 2 new trails the price has been increased.