There are those of you out there who clean those six steep switchbacks on Chimney Gulch (coming up from the Golden side) in one shot. I'm guessing not many. I can usually make the first 5 but that sixth one is just too much (all six in one shot). One guy in my group can make all six but the rest of us huff and puff to 4 maybe 5. I just rode CG this morning and on the way down those switchbacks spyed a group of six guys grinding up towards their rendezvous with the Infamous Six. I pulled out of their way at the bottom one and watched. Well, the first 3 guys made all six (and kept going) and the other three made 5 and at least got up over the sixth, but couldn't keep going without dabbing. Don't know who they were but I didn't hear any whooping and hollering at their respective success, it was just business as usual. I was impressed!