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  • Tubes, no Stan's - works fine for me in the Front Range

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  • Tubes with Stan's - handles thorns fine

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  • Tubeless w/ Stan's, Stan's in tubes was not enough protection

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  • Tubeless - it's what all the cool kids are doing

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    Stans in Tube & Specialized Purgatory 29x2.4

    Moving to Colorado Springs in June. Two questions for the front range crowd. For this discussion, I ride a rigid SS (Karate Monkey) with mikesee built Salsa Gordo rims/Hope hubs. Have used Flows on two previous wheel sets (both my dual suspension bikes, which I no longer own) but no tubeless ready wheel sets in the quiver at the moment.

    1) I currently live in Miami, we don't have thorns, CO has thorns. I'd like to keep same wheel set if possible and add Stans to the tubes. Any luck with that? Currently running 120tpi Ikons, nice ride with the wide rim and supple casing. In almost 4 years here, have only 1 pinch flat.

    2) Any reason a Specy Purgatory won't be a good all-around Front Range tire? Not looking to start a 'what tire is best' discussion. I have a shelf full of tires ranging from Aspens to Ardents (all Maxxis). Picked up a 29x2.2 Purgatory 2Bliss for a steal - like Specy tires and want to try the 2.4 up front.

    If Stan's in tubes is a viable course of action, I'll go Ignitor rear, Ardent front since I already own those tires. If tubeless is the ONLY way to go, WTB Laser TCS rims or the new Frequency i23 rims laced to my current hubs w/ the 2Bliss Purgatory's.
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    Some areas have lots of thorns and some don't have many, so it kinda depends on where you ride. For the best point and shoot riding and not worrying about goatheads, I choose riding tubeless with Stan's - using their rims (Flows)... I've ridden with Stan's in tubes and it ended up just being a huge mess when it failed and wasn't very much protection. I have only had one torn tire causing a flat with tubeless and Stan's - threw in a tube and wrapper/ductape and was good to go. I always carry tubes, in case, but usually just lend them out to other people. I hate stopping and changing flats, so Stan's in Rampages on the 29er and Ardents/Crossmax on the 26er... I'm looking at getting some tubeless wheels for my cross bike, since I've had such good luck with the Flows on my mountain bikes. Tubeless just seems like the best setup for me. Good luck and welcome to CO (in June)!

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    Go with Stan's tubeless

    I have used Stan's NoTubes for many years in Colorado, and am a believer.
    I ride a 26" Ellsworth "Truth" and a 29" Specialized "Stumpjumper FSR Elite." The E. has Mavic 717 hoops; the S. has Roval Control 29 wheels. I have run quite a few different brands of tires over the years, and haven't noticed much difference in them, as far as Stan's is concerned. Neither the rims nor the tires are the tubeless variety - just standard-issue stuff. Yes, there are thorns in Colorado (mainly goat heads, but some cactus), but mostly in the low, flat country. In the mountains, neither are much of a problem. If you have not used Stan's before, here is my assessment:
    - prevents flats from thorns and nail punctures, as advertised
    - prevents pinch flats (no tubes to get pinched)
    - can run tire at lower psi for less rolling resistance, better traction & better braking
    - is messy to install (don't do it in your living room or kitchen)
    - fluid needs to be replenished every 2-3 months, as it dries out; and the refill can also be a bit messy.
    - when it's time for a new tire, you need to clean all the dried crud off the wheel before installing the new rubber.
    - avoid using lightweight racing-type tires - their sidewalls are too thin, meaning the fluid seeps through; plus the tire can't stand up to the beating from rocks and such.
    - and here's a point I've never seen anyone else bring up, but it's important:
    No tire is as airtight without a tube as with one. If you run tubeless, you are going to have to add a few psi regularly. (I usually top off the tires every week or two.) This puts some stress on the valve stem, which will eventually break loose from the rim strip or come loose from the wheel rim. Over the years, I have had more flat tires from faulty valve stems than from actual punctures. I now carry extra valve stems in my kit.
    I hope this information is useful to you. You will love riding in Colorado. It really puts the "mountain" in mountain biking! Ride on!

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    I would def go tubeless, we do have some goatheads here, and something with a decent sidewall helps as some riding spots are hard on tires.

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    1st choice tubeless
    2nd choice tubes with stans.

    I have found that our pesky little thorns tend to stay in the tire and continually open the sealant plug or poking new holes right next to the last hole both resulting in a constant slow leak. Getting the tube out of the equation has eliminated that problem for me.


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    I use the Purgatory 2.4 on my Enduro. No tubes, just a couple scoops of Stan's. I have never tried Stan's in a tube but as a couple others have posted, I'd imagine it would be less reliable.

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    Thanks for the input so far. Am definitely looking forward to riding there. We can ride almost year round here, minus a few weeks during the summer rainy season. It'll be low 80s this weekend, and I'm sure I'll get some good dirt or long road miles in. Love short sleeves in Feb

    Some additional info - I've got about 3+ years of past tubeless experience. Rode Mavic 819s and true UST on my 26" full suspension before 29ers. Moved to Flows/Hopes on my first hardtail, then Flows/Kings on my Turner Sultan. After selling off all my comfort (dual suspension) for a life of rigidity (Karate Monkey), I've been running tubes. There was a two year period, 08-10, where I had both in my fleet.

    I'm just wondering how useful Stan's in the tubes is vs the traditional Stan's style tubeless. I like the Gordo rims (ok, they're heavy, but nice and wide, and plenty stiff the way mikesee built them) and will only have them re-laced to tubeless compatible rims if absolutely necessary.

    I will live probably on the southern end of town as it'll be closer to work and my in-laws (Pueblo West). My last venture to the trails at Pueblo was 2006, and that's was goat head nirvana. 819s came soon after.

    My last time riding rigid/SS in CO was summer of '10, with tubes, all we did was Falcon Trail, Lair of the Bear and Rampart Reservoir - no issues at either location. My only tubeless trip was summer '08, with Flows by Westcliffe, and Cheyenne Mtn/open space. I rode Fruita in '06 on my 26" bike with tubes, pinch flat on Mary's but no thorns.
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    I used to get goatheads like crazy when I was riding the bike paths in COS (greenways) to the trails. Since becoming lazy and driving to the trailheads, I haven't had a goathead in a long long time (I probably just jinxed myself). If you're just going to ride the trails, don't worry about it. If you're going to greenway your way there, I'm not sure Stans is enough, but it's a good starting point.

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    I also ride a Karate Monkey setup rigid. Ran the stock Salsa Delgados ghetto tubeless (with Stan's) until just a few months ago. Regularly ride all the rocky Northern Colorado/SE Wyoming trails without a problem. Did some big Mack/Loma area Fruita loops - no problems there either. I did discover the limit of this setup coming down the Mag 7 trail outside Moab - had some serious burping that caused me to lose ~50% air pressure twice. Moab is the one place that I probably won't run the rigid-tubeless setup again (most of the peeps on this board are thinking, "yeah,no sheit Sherlock"). Although I think my new Stan's Flow wheelset could probably handle it better.

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    Unless you like to frequently change tires, set them up Ghetto and you don't have to worry about it. Personally I trust the Ghetto setup better than my tubeless rims.

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    I have the Gordos' as well, I've been running them for about 4 years now and I've only had 1 flat in that time. You're right they are a heavy wheelset, especially running tubes, but like you i love the width and stability. I currently have the 2.5 dissent on the rear and the WTB Kodiak 2.5 on the front. I've never had any thorn isuues here, nor have I ever had stans in the rim. I think you should be okay w/out.
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    No input on the Gordos, but I run Stans tubeless on my FS 29er and my SS 29er. Both with Arch rims. I run Purgatory 2.4's on front on both bikes and LOVE them. They hook up great, are nice and fat, so take up some cush, and feel good in varied terrain. I run a Captain 2.2 in the rear and this is my set up of choice. I think you know, but don't go with the SWorks one- go Control. SWorks are super thin sidewalls and will tear in a minute on the front range trails.

    Don't know much about riding in Pueblo, but I know you'll get more ride time down there than we do up here in Denver/ Golden area just due to less snow. I also think there are more goat heads down there?

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    I'm running Getto Purgs, GFTFR (good for the front range) in my book.

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    Thanks for the continued input. Sounds like the Purg is enjoyed by those who use it. Control casing all the way!
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