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    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!

    Ok - divulge me.

    Topics discussed over the Stand Up Double IPA At GCB!

    Yes we make sacrifices.......share yours......

    this one hurt the most! 1966
    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!-fruita-moab-166.jpg

    19,600 orginal miles when sold - belonged to my grandmother-
    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!-fruita-moab-167.jpg

    This truck provided more than enough j(totalled i came out smelling like a rose!)
    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!-fruita-moab-102.jpg

    I rolled this truck a week after i bought it! this is after the rebuild and paint
    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!-scan0001.jpg

    OT- Classic Cars Gone bye!-f-100.jpg
    bad ass 390 police interceptor motor!!

    Dont have pics of the :

    81 Chevrolet citation (first car!)
    78 audi fox
    68 Camaro
    69 Camaro
    76 Pontiac sunbird
    76 Oldsomobile Tornado 454 Front Wheel Drive
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    thanks for the beer tonight

    good chat...

    can't believe you had old skool 'stang and 2 camaros and that bad andy is housing a 'vette in the garage!

    i'll see if i can't scan some old pix tonight for this thread.
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    That is one of my better paint jobs on that ford!

    ask me sometime about how i changed the steering box for power steering and the pitman arm was 180 degrees the wrong way! made for an interesting drive down mainstreet in glenwood springs!

    Post those pics!!!
    I'm a cowboy on a steel horse i ride!

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    1st car I bought as a high school junior - sold to go to college - 1964 Willys CJ3B:

    1954 Willys CJ3B - sold because I was an idiot (bonus points for telling me where this is):

    1977 Chevy 4x4 Van (complete with bed and wily-e-coyote/road runner mural) - sold because it got < 10mpg:

    1993 Jeep Wrangler - before lift and tires:

    after lift and tires - sold because I was still an idiot, and couldn't afford to fix blown engine at the time:

    Will get a pic of the 1969 Chevy Corvette on here sometime too. Bought in 1986, and still haven't sold.
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