Hey everyone,

I am looking for some dedicated people to help finish off what the Larimer County Alternative Sentencing unit didn't get done. I can promis this...it will be a nice hike and it will be good cross training. For all you backcountry skiers/riders, it will be a good start to your training program for this winter that is quickly approaching.

Here is the deal. I am trying to finishing renovating Timber Trail to reopen to multi-use this fall. We are putting a huge bridge in about 1 mile up the trail. I still have about 30 pieces of lumber that need to be transported up the trail to the site. So on Tuesday 9.6 and Wednesday 9.7, I want to get as many people out to help get the rest up. Before you freak out about hiking 1 mile with a piece of lumber, let me tell you that the inmates (not very fit people) and I were turning 45 minute laps up and down. Easy, right?

We will meet at the Eltuck Picnic area in Lory State Park at 5pm or when you can get there. It is not crucial to be on time, but to show up. If you come late, there will be instructions on the dump truck for where to go.

I know a lot of you have heard about this project. Here is your chance to help get it open this fall.

Tally ho!