for those of you who don't make it over to ridemonkey is pleased to announce the "Screamin Eagle Open" series and the "Screamin Eagle Classic".

These are pro ams with great payouts and are open to BMX'rs and MTB riders as well.

The "Screamin Eagle Classic" will be held on July 16th at Dacono BMX and will have a minimum purse of $500 + entry fee proceeds for the BMX class, and minimum purse of $500 + entry fee proceeds for the MTB class.

This is a business sponsored event and the purse will grow as new sponsors are aquired. So check for race updates.

In addition to the "Screamin Eagle Classic" Dacono BMX will be hosting a "Screamin Eagle Open" series on the 3rd Saturday of each month. There will be a 50/50 drawing held to provide the purse for these races and the projected payout is now at $200.00.

We would love to see the MTB riders participate in these events so Dacono BMX is offering special arrangements for memberships for those who are interested.

Dacono BMX "The Eagles Nest".

Visit the forum for more info.

Joe Sampson -

they are racing this weekend (the 19th) with a $200 purse for the mtb class. so check it. you can find the whole thread here