Figured out this weekend that dj's can be nestled into the open area behind my dads house quite nicely. It's pretty large and I've got some ideas for the area. So far, I've got a flat area with a single 5ft dj on it, then a nice tight berm to a sloped area, and after a bit of pedaling space is a 6ft tabletop thats got like 3ft tall lips. Thats all I had time for today. The build day will probably be sticking in a decent sized 4-6pack right after the tabletop. Also we can make some big lines for the big bikes if people want. The area is filled with tall natural brown grass and weeds so they're noticable but not protruding from the environment. It's close enough to my dad's house that I seriously just hop the fence and the first jump is right there. If people come I'll be hooking them up with some home cooked burgers and hotdogs as well as beverages. So everybody come down!!!