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    Check it out - nekkid hotties.

    Now that I've got your attention...Not sure if this was going to get posted here, but I just recieved it via e-mail and thought I'd post it here.


    There have been recent discussions of potential trail closures to mountain bikes in Jefferson County Open Space parks. As many of you are aware, the Jefferson County Trail Users Task Force ("TUTF"), comprised of hiker, equestrian, and mountain biker representatives, met with the Jefferson County Open Space Advisory Committee ("OSAC") on April 21, 2005, to provide feedback from their respective user constituency regarding the Jefferson County Trails Policy. The anti-mountain biking sentiment was alarming.

    Since the Jeffco town meeting that many of you attended on February 10, 2005, volunteers have rallied to get organized to address Jeffco trail user conflict and trail use issues on behalf of the mountain biking community. These volunteers subsequently agreed to utilize the infrastructure already in place with Trail Conservation Services ("TCS") to accomplish their objectives. Much has been done in the past 90 days, but your help is required to continue these efforts in preparation for the vote on the Trail Use Policy changes scheduled for the next TUTF/OSAC meeting this fall.

    To learn more about what we can do to protect our rights to ride our trails, please join us for a meeting:

    When: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 7 p.m.

    Location: Denver Christian High School auditorium
    2135 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210 (one block West of Campus Cycles on Evans)
    Click here for map and directions

    Snacks and beverages will be provided.

    Please pass this information along to other concerned cyclists in your area. For more information, please contact Chris Hammond, President Ė TCS, at
    Letís roll!

    Chris Hammond
    President Ė TCS

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    My wife and I will be there. Thanks for the heads up.
    Happiness is a warm 2 stroke.

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    So... the nekid hotties will be at the meeting?

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    THANK YOU for posting this. I'm there. Possibly nekkid.

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    why does everybody hate bikers so much? are there that many of us that are just asses on the trail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hello Kitty
    THANK YOU for posting this. I'm there. Possibly nekkid.
    if you're there nekkid, I'm there nekkid

    actually, I cant make it, unfortunately

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    I'm out. Sorry, I got finals the next day.

    I think people are against us because of this:
    1. Horseback riders have to put up with the stench, and by putting us down have officials overlook the fact that they leave literally way more **** on the trails than we do.
    2. Hikers are jealous because they still have to really work the downhills, only slightly less than the uphills.
    Both "opposing groups" are just really jealous because we're having the most fun.
    "Sorry." John Belushi, Animal House

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    Well sometimes YEA...

    Quote Originally Posted by ironhorsebike1
    are there that many of us that are just asses on the trail?
    Hate to say it but the one thing that even bugs the hell outta me is guys thinking they're heroes and bombing DOWN the trail, completely ignoring the rules of trail on yielding to (mostly) hikers, bikers and, though rarely, horsees. I hate to see hikers have to leap out of the way on the trail because I KNOW it's just one more pissed off hiker.

    Maybe a refrsher course on the rules of the trail would be in order. Or in some cases read them to some of these cementheads who apparently can't!!

    Ok I'm finished.
    Sorry what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironhorsebike1
    why does everybody hate bikers so much? are there that many of us that are just asses on the trail?
    Personally, I think that it's got little to do with MTBs, the same conflict has been found in every sport in which I've ever been interested - skateboarding, kayaking, climbing, bmx, mtb, snowboarding, etc... and I'm sure that flyfishermen, horseback riders, etc... run into the same thing. Everybody wants to claim the trail (river, sidewalk, rock, outdoors...) as their personal area and exclude everyone else from using it. I certainly don't think that "Joey XXXtreme" wearing 25 lbs of body armor while ripping down the front of Falcon helps matters, but I'd venture a guess that this same issue would exist if we all rode fully rigid bikes clad in khakis and cornflower blue button down shirts. The important thing, I think, is to insure that we make ourselves heard amongst the competing cries of "I think "X" area should be mine and mine exclusively!"

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