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It isn't super technical, but Centennial Cone is the one trail in the front range that reminds me of how much I love Colorado. Every time I ride the downhills it has to offer, I can't wipe the smile from my face. The smooth, flowy singletrack is what I had in mind when I moved out here from the east coast 4 years ago. The views are amazing, and to top it off, yesterday the wildflowers were out in force everywhere you turned. Its amazing how green and grown in everything is up there right now, considering the heat we've had the last few weeks. My friend Erik and I hit the trail early to beat the heat, and we were rewarded with a nice cool ride in perfect conditions.

Erik at the beginning, with a nice 1,000 foot drop off to his left:

That's me, way down below:

Erik cruising through the wildflowers (on the trail, of course):

Another section of the buff:

The first 4-5 miles of this trail are simply amazing:

Me, cruising on a downhill section:

Me climbing with the James Peak group behind:

Erik heading into the last downhill section:

And back up for the last climb:

A nice scenic towards the end of the trail: