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    BOA> FYI

    Here is another opportunity where five minutes of your time can have a significant impact on future mountain bike access. BOA has been working with the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department to plan for trail expansion in the Marshall Mesa and Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area. We have developed a set of recommendations that we believe are reasonable and increase riding opportunities substantially. We need your help NOW to let OSMP know that there is demand for these trails.

    What you need to do:

    1. Cut and paste the content below into a new email

    2. Send the email to

    3. Forward this Action Alert to your friends that can do the same. We really need as many responses as possible.... they count them!

    The deadline for comments is this Friday, September 16.

    If you wish to develop your own response or want more information about the proposed alternatives, visit the OSMP web site at Click on "Marshall Mesa - Southern Grasslands TSA Project".

    content begins:


    To: Jim Reeder, Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

    Subject: Marshall Mesa-Southern Grasslands Trail Alternatives

    I am responding to the call for comments on the Marshall Mesa/Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area(TSA).

    As a member of the cycling community, the results of this study will directly affect me and future recreation opportunities on lands I chose to be taxed to obtain. I support the City of Boulder’s Open Space Program and I look forward to seeing the details of the Visitor Master Plan implemented, especially the details of providing me with a higher quality user experience.

    This letter contains BOA's formal recommendations for the Marshall Mesa and the Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area. The area offers wonderful opportunities for recreation, environmental protection and education. We hope OSMP maximizes these opportunities to the fullest extent.

    While I did not personally write these recommendations, I rely upon my representatives with Boulder Off-road Alliance to do the research and develop a response that I will support. Here are the most important points:

    1. Marshall Mesa to Superior Trail Alternatives 10 (Option 1) and 13 (Option 2). Note that this and the following item are previously approved, comprehensive plan regional connections. They are vital to the final trail plan.

    2. Greenbelt Plateau Trailhead to Coalton Trail (Alternative 33, Option 2).

    3. Two east-west alignments, Alternatives 23 and 35 would be excellent user experiences while still keeping a wide berth for the Coal Creek stream corridor. These offer the user views of the stream corridor that would otherwise be unavailable.

    4. A link from the Coalton Trail to Coal Creek Drive that crosses Coal Creek just east of private property (part of Alternative 35). This link will allow for a connection between the northern and southern sections of the study area and open up additional route possibilities. We believe that the crossing can be engineered to prevent access to the stream corridor and to provide excellent education opportunities via installation of display signs.

    In addition, the final trail plan must remedy the parking dangers at the Marshall Mesa trailhead and the unsafe Highway 93 crossings. Building the City Limits Trailhead (Alternative 2), and an underpass at the Community Ditch Trail Crossing (Alternative 3) resolves these serious problems. Alternative 4 creates an additional trail corridor from the City Limits trailhead, which would disperse users quicker and mitigate user conflict.

    I appreciate the opportunity to comment on this project. It is important to me as resident, taxpayer and registered voter

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