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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Beloved commuter bike stolen last night (CU Boulder area)

    (the second picture is outdated: new griptape and took off the clips)

    My great bike was stolen around 18th and Arapahoe. I rode it everyday at least 2 miles to school and to get groceries. I sold my car because I didn't need one with my awesome bike. I got a great deal on it on craigslist about a year ago (from a guy who also loved this bike -- now some jerk has it). I paid 200$ for it. I won't be able to afford a new bike until summer

    It was stolen last night and I didn't hear because of the wind. Normally I bring it inside at night, but I'm working on a poster for a presentation and I needed the space where my bike normally is. There was nothing left behind, but there was a deep divot in the gravel where the front tire was -- obviously they struggled cutting the thick cable lock.

    Please let me know if you see it

    -Trek 5400 (carbon frame, Al fork)
    -Bullhorn handlebars w/ yellow griptape
    -Single speed w/ chopped Shimano XT derailleur
    -Rear bike rack with yellow "reading is sexy" bumpersticker
    -Bike "honk honk" horn
    -Front and rear lights (manufacturer: PlanetBike)
    -It had a very nice Mavic front hub where the spokes went straight out instead of normally where they are tangential to the hub -- I was told this hub was worth more than the rest of the bike.

    I'm going to file a police report -- how much was my bike worth?

    Email or call if you find it anywhere please!

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    You might check Craig's List for some meathead posting the bike for sale. I'd say you got a great deal when you bought it - carbon fiber frame for $200.
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    That sucks man. I can't believe people are such *******s. It almost defeats the purpose of having bike locks when every jackass runs around with cable cutters. I'm completely paranoid with my bikes. Even when I go in some place for 5 minutes I try to get it in plain view from the windows and can't keep my eyes from wandering to it frequently. I even take my bike rack off my car whenever I go for a ride on one of the trails because I'm afraid it will be gone when I get back. It's a shame it has to be like that. It's a pain in the ass, but you can never be too careful. The police probably won't be able to do anything. Sorry bout your luck, hopefully you'll get it back.

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    They got mine a few months ago. Nothing special, but it served a purpose: 80's Raleigh 'rootbeer' 1X1. Chopped bullhorns. Black tape, old roadie brakes facing forward. Seat had a yellow maple leaf on it.

    I'll keep my eye out for yours. Looks pretty distinct. Appreciate the same.

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    Will do on the lookout, that just irks the **** out of me. Mine is very important to me and would mean so much less to anyone else. Sorry about your loss.

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    That's a big bummer. If you volunteer with Community Cycles in Boulder, you can earn yourself a no $ bike--just the time you put in helping out over there.

    I like 'em either blond and fruity or dark and chocolaty

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