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    xc/trail full suspension for a 300lb rider. ideas please

    currently looking for a xc/trail full suspension bike suitable for a 300lb rider.

    does anyone have any idea's of such a bike?
    or does anyone ride something suitable?

    looking at 100/130mm travel

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    ^Check our that Link. Thereís a lot of information here that you will find helpful, especially post #5 as a general rule regarding leverage ratios.

    Keep in mind that no stock shock Iíve ever seen really has a stock tune catering to your rider weight. Youíd be best served finding a shock that is easily tunable and sending it out to a custom tuner. Be especially mindful of what shock comes on whatever model you choose and what the max psi or spring poundage for that shock model is or you may find yourself with a shock that canít be configured to accommodate you. You may have to buy a bike then buy another shock from the outset to swap in. You can sell the stock shock to recoupe some of the cost.
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    Give Diamondbacks Level Link bikes (Release, Catch or Clutch) a look, especially the ones with Fox suspension, they will without a doubt support a 300lb rider. I was very close to 300 about a year ago when I bought my 5C and had no issues.

    Like Shartist mentioned it won't be perfect, custom tune helps but is costly, but it will work.

    Good luck
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    You will have to test ride some bikes. Many of the models discussed in the other thread have been changed. I bought a 2013 Specialized Camber because it was amazing despite me ticking off at 333 when I bought it. Specialized changed the bike, now called a Stumpjumper ST, that I test rode on a local trail before buying my new bike. After losing more than 50 pounds, the new ST was a wallowing pig and not ridable at all. I did a ton of research before settling on my SC Hightower which is AMAZING and would be great for a heavier rider, but SC just changed the design in the last few weeks which has not been tested.

    Go get on some bikes!
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    I just bought the Stumpjumper St in February of this year. At the time I was hitting right at 300#. I am below 280 now and if I could ride more and didn't snack so much I would be further along.

    The max pressure on the Fox shock is over 300 psi. I currently ride with 300 psi with no issues. I am really enjoying the Stumpjumper ST. I demoed the Hightower The previous versions of the the stumpy and a few Trek models. The Stumpy in my opinion worked the best for me.

    The only negative I have had is with the x-fusion dropper. I have had Two fail on me. The first was replaced under warranty and we tried a model with stronger Aluminum bit it looks like i have killed another one. Currently researching the best dropper for larger riders.

    Bottom line go ride some bikes. Some local bike shops will credit the cost of the demo ride to the purchase of the new bike. Ride as many as you can to make an informed decision.

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    Skip anything with a RockShox shock or be prepared to swap it with something else. I'm running a Manitou McLeod on my Release and it's great. I demoed a YT Jeffsy today with a FOX FLOAT DPX2 FACTORY shock. It was at 300 psi leaving the demo booth but I had to add about another 25-ish psi to get it to work for me. It wasn't perfect but it worked. I'm 300#...probably closer to 315-320 kitted out. Not sure how well the lower end FOX FLOAT DPS PERFORMANCE ELITE shock would work though.
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