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    Winter/Rain Apparel for Sweaty Clyde?

    I'm finding it hard to find winter and/or rainy weather clothing for my body size. I'm not tall, just wide (think aging rugby player), and I sweat like a Norwegian in a sauna.

    I'm on the coast of Maine, so I have to deal with Fall and Spring showers, as well as snow and sleet during the Winter. Because I perspire so easily I'm as likely to get soaked from within as without.

    Any short and stocky clydes out there with tips on upper and lower riding apparel for cold and wet conditions?

    (apologies in advance, but I'm cross-posting this on the new "Apparel" thread as well, but figure a Clydesdale audience is more likely to be understanding.)

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    I wish I knew. If you find anything, let me know!! Or at least, post it up here so we can all benefit!

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    I am not sure how this would work to your liking with the sweat issue, but I have really enjoyed my Under Armour barrage jacket this fall/winter. I got it at Bass Pro Shops back in November, but can't find it on there now. It is very lightweight, but works well. I use it mostly on night rides when it is chilly and have been very happy with it.

    As for pants, when I need long pants I go with a pair of Mountain Hardwear pants, but I can't remember the model. They are kind of stretchy and the bottoms cinch up to stay out of my chain. I also have a pair of FroggTogg Toadskinz pants. They aren't super thin like the original FroggToggs and seem to hold up better. I have not had a chance to ride in them, though.

    I am 6' 271, btw, and wear a 38 (or 40)x 32 jean, if that helps with the sizing.

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    I got a pair of Novara Headwind pants that are working well in the cold and light rain. there is enough room to layer UA tights underneath if it gets real cold. I haven't found the solution to my upper body yet.
    I'm using an UA or Novara base layer shirt, light 1/2 zip fleece toped with a Novara rain shell. That combo keeps me warm for my normal rides, but I still sweat like a clyde on all my climbs and come home drenched.
    When I have some extra cash, I'm going to try a merino wool base layer and see how that works.
    I figure as long as I don't stop long enough to let the sweat get too cold, I'm good to go

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    For a jacket - I'd highly recommend looking into one of the REI - Airflyte jackets...

    This thing absolutely ROCKS! Hands down my favorite jacket for any outdoor activity in the wetter winter months.

    Mind you:

    a) I've got their first run at this - and from what I understand this one is even better.

    b) This is all coming from the PNW, where cold to us is 30 - but it's always wet out here!

    As for legs - this is what I've learned (albeit - it might be more of a personal thing).

    I go with bibs (always), then don the infamous IBEX leg warmers. This combo has taken good care of me in just about any/every condition - including a trip back to the NE to see family - and ride with my hombre` in 5 degrees. The only place on me that gets uncomfortable is that ever so small space were by legs warmers can't make it all the way up my thigh to groin level. I've learned that a thin layer of wool works flawlessly for me, in both terms of warmth and breathability. I've also learned that Poly-pro stuff - SUCKS! Breathes well, but sure as [email protected] doesn't keep me nearly as warm and comfortable as wool. In fact I'd argue that even in the summer months - my wool stuff keeps me more comfortable than Poly-pro.

    Again, just my $.02 - but after all, that's what you asked for !


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    REI now has "extended sizing"...

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    15,976 for big and tall cycling clothing. I choose water resistant stuff with NO inside coating (no gore-tex like material) that will breath easy. I wear a base wicking tank top and then wool arm warmers and jersey. The wool pulls moisture from the base layer, resists moisture from rain so my skin stays relatively dry and I stay warm.

    Lower body is padded cycling tights (weight dependent on temps), wool socks, shoe covers if excessively wet or cold, and usually shorts (unpadded) over tights.

    "waterproof/breathable" is total BS, just wear stuff that keeps you warm when wet and your better off than the sauna created by that crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbiker72
    "waterproof/breathable" is total BS, just wear stuff that keeps you warm when wet and your better off than the sauna created by that crap.
    Yep, gonna have to agree with this statement. About the only exception seems to be big $$$ gear like goretex. I don't know about you, but I am not dropping $350-500 on a wet weather jacket. For the most part if I am riding in rain or above 90% humidity I am gonna be wet. Wearing apparel that keeps you warm when wet is about all you can do in that instance. Wool and wicking base layers come in handy. They pull the moisture away from the skin and allow you to keep warm. I get most of my base layers at places like cabelas and gander mountain. Coming off of hunting season and winter you can score great deals in those stores. Last year I got a merino wool base layer top for $27 out the door. Knowing what I know now I should have bought 2 more.
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    that's the stupidest idea this side of pinkbike.

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