Wondering if there are general stem set up considerations for a tall rider. I'm 6-4+, more or less proportional vertically. I'm riding a 22.5" Giant NRS set up with a 120mm/15 degree rise stem and 1" riser bars. While the position is rather comfortable the bike never felt right to me in terms of handling and power output during climbs, adjusting the saddle up/down/fore/aft made little difference. I've recently built up a HT SS with a frame of similar dimensions and had it set up with a 150mm stem, very low rise and flat bars. Seems that I tend to like my SS riding position better than the one on my dualie. Is it reasonable to think that putting longer/lower stem should improve things a bit? My SS frame is a bit old-school, so it may be better suited for longer stems. Wondering what stems configurations other riders of similar proportions are riding.