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    SC Chameleon / X Caliber 9 / Fat Bikes ? Big ol' boy needs some advice

    New Here .. Hello everyone. Background: I am 38 years old , father of three. I have an inactive job. I have a big football frame. I am currently right around the 300lb mark. and 6'2" . My smallest weight for me and my best shape is about 235lb .. that puts me at about a 36" waist. So I had a bad injury that developed multiple blood clots several years back. My left leg is fairly trashed. All the clots were in my left leg. I developed Post Thrombotic Syndrome which is quite painful. I fell trap to being on high powered opiates for about 4 years. I decided to come off and see what happened. That was the hardest battle of my life but I did it. That was 6 moths ago. Since then I have shedded about 30 lbs by not craving sweet things which is a side effect of the opiates. I actually have minimal to no pain now on a daily basis with the use of compression stocking on my left leg. Here we are today. My son got bit by the bike bug. I got him a Trek X Cal 7. He is about to turn 11. He joined a local riding club and race team. I would like to get a bike to ride with him. It would be slow starting but that is the plan. I have done some research and have ridden the Trek X Cal 9 and the Santa Cruz Chameleon. Both were on 29" wheels. I am not going to be doing anything too aggressive at first and was thinking if I trashed a back wheel I could just replace it with a heavy duty one. Any advice here? I will never be below 235 lbs unless I become ill. I look forward to any advice. Oh .. when it comes to fat bikes, wouldn't they be harder / more sluggish to ride with the big tires or am I just thinking wrong?


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    I can't comment on the X Caliber 9 or fat bikes, but I have a Chameleon and weigh in at 285lbs. It has been rock solid so far and I absolutely love it. It far exceeds what I can do on a bike and I don't think you would have any regrets with it.

    The most important thing I have learned through experience is to test ride everything you are thinking about buying. Find what is comfortable for you and what you like. The guys here are a great source of information but it comes down to what I or anyone else likes wont necessarily be what you like. The first bike I purchased I did so because of online recommendations. And while it was/is a good bike it didn't really fit with what I wanted to ride. Now that I have the Chameleon I am much happier going out and riding.

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    I actually bought one today much sooner than expected because I knew the deal would not last. I found a Size L frame 27+. It was the upgraded kit with the Fox shock up front. It was lightly used .. I honestly would have bought it as new .. it's that clean. The cool thing is it has a factory installed Race Face dropper post and has a set of Race Face flats installed. At $1600 out the door I couldn't pass it up. Rode it in the lot and I liked it a lot. I am picking it up tomorrow!

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