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    Road/commuter bike help

    I am looking to get a road/commuter bike to ride to work and with a friend of mine who is a roadie. He rides off road with me so I thought I would see about riding on road with him. My choices are limited to Trek and Gary Fisher. I was thinking of a Trek FX bike the you situp right on or a Trek 1 series road bike. I am 6' 2" and 250 lbs. What do you clydes like better, riding up right or the hunched over aggresive road style? to make things more complicated I have a compressed disk to deal with.


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    Depends, if you have a really smooth ride to work, get a real roadie, but if like me and live in City (groan) and you can go 20 yards without something getting in the way, then more upright is the way to go. (IMO)

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    I have a Giant Sedona, which compares more with the Trek FX. This is a very comfortable riding posture! I did 15 miles last night with the local bike shop ride and could have done 15 more! And on a bike like these, they really handle the rack(s) or bags you'll need to haul things on your commute. The bikes are kind of like the SUV of the bike world. The weight of a bag on a rear rack and a backpack on your back does not make the bike feel top heavy or unstable at all.

    The only issue with the upright riding posture is riding in a wind. When you sit almost bolt upright on a bike, you have the wind resistance of a billboard! This is why I am getting a flat bar road bike for when I ride in Century rides and the like, a little lower profile yet still comfortable with my back.

    I have Spina Bifida so I can sympathize with back issues you have with your disc. I would suggest you ride both bikes and see which feels best for you. Interestingly enough, I test rode both the FX and the Trek 1 at Wheel and Sprocket last week when I was in Milwaukee. Both are really very nice bikes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfGumby
    I would suggest you ride both bikes and see which feels best for you.
    +1 That's what matters most.

    FWIW- I have a Kona Jake and recently got a pair of 29" Ryhno Lites w/ Onyx hubs from mikesee at Big Wheels for it for my not so dainty self. The burlier wheels have made all the difference. It's my road bike and commuter. I'm running 40c Kenda Breakers. Riding roads around these parts include a lot of dirt farm and ranch roads.
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