Recommend some hybrids for a big guy?-
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    Recommend some hybrids for a big guy?

    I recently picked up a used Trek 7100 just to get a little exercise. I've been enjoying it and thought I might get something new and a little nicer. Mainly, I wish I had something that felt a little more sturdy, or heavy duty. That, and I don't think the front fork is helping at all.

    I'm not opposed to a mountain bike, but I'm not sure that's what I need.

    From the FAQ thread:

    1) Your budget.
    At most, $500-700.

    2) What bikes, if any, are you already considering?
    None, really.

    3) What type of riding do you intend to do?
    Poking around the neighborhood, paved trails, just riding for fitness. I don't ride fast or aggressively.

    4) Do you have a preference over a hardtail or full suspension?
    Hardtail, I think.

    5) Age, weight and height.
    39, 290ish, 6'4" with a 34/35" inseam.

    6) What sources will you consider buying from?
    I think I'd prefer to buy from the LBS, but I'm open to almost anything.

    7) Do you want people to offer you alternative suggestions to issues such as budget, bikes already considered, and sources?

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    I go from my $5K trek carbon mountain bike to my wifes' Specialized Crossroads bike which I bought used for $200 and enjoy occasional road.rides on it .....If I were you and wanted something kinda cool and sporty, I might consider a Cannondale Badboy, but there are a ton of other bikes out there and less expensive.
    Check out your LBS and try to get your best deal with them. They may offer free service and other help down the road. They may also have some demo's to try.

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    At your weight you will more than likely need a custom wheelset, I started out in the same boat and ended up with a Trek 4300 that I put 8 inch BB7 brakes on and custom wheels at 5 to 700 you will be hard pressed to find a good durable bike at your weight.

    At 290 the wheels will go to hell quick IMO with just moderately hard riding and 8 inch rotors just plain stop better at 300 pounds over smaller disc setups, the stock V brakes on my 4300 actually stopped better than most smaller disc bikes I tested at 300 pounds so a heavy wheeled V brake could be your ticket.

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