Proportional perspective on 29er vs 26er for us who are not vertically challenged-
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    Proportional perspective on 29er vs 26er for us who are not vertically challenged

    Me at 6'7" on a 29er is (proportionally speaking) like someone at 5'11" on a 26er.

    The USA CDC states that the average height of a man aged 20-74 years in the US in 2002 was 5'9".

    So, if one at 5'91/2" rode a 26er, I should be riding (proportionally speaking) a 29.5er.

    Loving my 29er more and more each time I ride it!

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    I'm the same height as you and test rode 3 different 29'ers. I didn't like them. Felt like I had to muscle the bike to do anything. Like a beach cruiser mtn bike. I understand why people like them, they roll over everything, but I'm more into nimble than beefy........

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    Even at 6'2"...I feel way out of proportion on a 26" bike now that I have 29er's in my stable. Noway I could ever go back to a mini-bike. I never had an issue with getting my 29er to roll, even from day one, but I've never lacked in the power category either.
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    I'm 6'4", but I grew up riding a BMX bike and just picked up mountain biking last year. My idea of a bike had always revolved around 20" wheels, although I did race a 24" cruiser for a few years. People said that I looked like a bear riding a clown bike out there, but to me it felt normal. Because of that even 26" bikes feel a bit big now. I have a feeling a 29er would feel huge, at least until I get fully adapted to a 26". despite it being proportionally better for my height.

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    i'm only 6'3 or 6'4 (not sure to be honest) but long in the legs...

    29ers just fit me... I don't feel like i'm riding a tall bike about to tip over everything I ride...

    the last 26er i rode felt that way... for some proportions i'm on the same size frame as this guy (I actually have the same frame but I shoe-horned 29ers and now just 700c under it... one day I'm going to toss some 26er wheels on it just for fun.

    actually... my main rig does have a 26" rim up front... but the 4.5" tire puts it slightly taller then a 29er ;-)...

    I still think the 69er idea has merit... a 29er up front I fell would give a lot of the benifits of a 29er without the high rolling mass out back... but then you are giving up the high air volume (which allows for much lower PSI vs 26er), greater contact patch (which gives more grip) and such in the name of less rotating mass... it's something i'd like to experment with some day... but would have to find the right frame
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