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    New XXL Stumpjumpers

    Didn't know if this had been posted, but the new stumpjumpers (aluminum and 29er) have an available XXL frame. Seat post is 23" and the top tube is 26"+.

    Just thought I would share that since there are not too many frames that large for a fs setup at under $3K.

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    I noticed that, gonna give one a ride if they have any test bikes out there

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    This is good news. I have an XXL Hardrock from 5 years ago which fits me perfectly. Before I upgraded it, I went looking for a new bike figuring I would get more bang for the bike that way. The Stumpjumper and Cannondale Caffeine only came in XL, and those were just too small for me. The bike shops were able to raise the bars and seat and stretch it out for me, but it was still not quite right. XXL Size 23 Hardrock is PERFECT. This gives me hope that I can find a new bike that fits me in a nice spec set in a couple of years. (I just invested some $$ in my hardrock and hope it lasts a couple of years).

    I'd love to get in on an XXL Stumpjumper 29er.

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    In stores by the end of the week

    I was at my LBS (Wheat Ridge Cyclery - CO) yesterday and was told that they may have the '08 Stumjumper 29'ers in by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to riding one of the XXL's. I'm in the market for a FS 29er, and want to test it against the more afordable Fisher HiFi.

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    WHAT!! Man I hope so. I've got an XL SJ FSR 29er ordered and my first race of the fall series is this weekend, that'd be awesome if it got here before. We haven't heard any word of them being here at our shop that quick, though. Afraid I'll be resigned to racing my little wheeled '03 Stumpy FSR or manning up and going for my first SS race on my Monocog 29er. I've fallen in love with the big wheels on the MC, and don't want to go back to the little wheels, but I really want to contest the whole series in my sport class. What to do, what to do....

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    Broke my frame today ...

    on my Trek fuel - second one in 6 months
    Now I really hope those new Stumpy 29ers are out SOON. The Fuel was a bike I purchased 2 years back, when I was just getting in to riding. At the time, I wasn't sure just how much I was going to be riding, so I went with an entry level bike. I have clearly outgrown that XC style bike and now need something that will stand up to a more demanding style of riding. I have only taken a short test ride on a buddy's dos niner and really liked the feel of those larger wheels. The longer FS travel of the Stumpy looks perfect for me. Can't wait!

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