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    Need rear shock

    Ok about to pick my first FS bike up off layaway. The stock setup is useable, stumpy st with fusion rear shock but just barely. Have to run shock a hair from max psi right now.

    Wondering what shocks (except fox, I know they will handle me a bit better, demoed a higher end new stumpy before ordering mine) have a better than 300psi max pressure to hold my fat ass till I get back into shape (for me, in great shape is still 240-250lbs and my best since getting into MTB is 261, at 301 right now grrr).

    Dont worry about how or what I ride. Everything I will be riding my 2011 mukluk with Hoboy CF fork has been dealing with since I started riding regularly again just fine. I know till I'm back down to weight I will have to back off intensity and things will wear faster. I just need a shock that wont ride like TOTAL CRAP.

    Thanks guys.

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    Shocks come in different tunes and frame shave different leverage curves, might be worth finding out what tune would work better for your frames leverage... The best thing would probably be buying new old stock or a like new take off and use the money you saved for a custom tune.

    I see so much shock advice here claiming one is the best ever and one sucks but never mention frame or shock tune. Perfect example is the Monarch RC3, its common knowledge that the Monarchs are not that great on the Intense Primer but I picked up a new old stock version ($185) tuned for Santa Cruze VPP and it works amazing.

    FYI the RC3 has a max pressure of 350 lbs

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    Speak to Cane Creek.

    I believe their DBs are well suited for heavier riders and they are certainly excellent to deal with.

    I used a Double Barrel Air at a ready to ride weight of around 128kg (am now on an X2 at 131kg)

    I would suggest looking at a coil shock (NOT the Double Barrel Inline coil - I've been warned the 8mm shaft may be too weak for heavier riders) - however, at 300lb, you may struggle to find a correctly weighted coil without having one custom made.

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Lbs is checking with specialized as well to see what they think.

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