• 03-04-2010
    Just bought my first bike!
    After a week of shopping I brought home my first mountain bike tonight. I think I got a good deal, it's a Novara Bonanza that was discounted by $200 down to $399 because it was last years model. I can't wait to start riding!

  • 03-04-2010
    Now go out and have some fun. Remember that a new bike will have some cable
    stretch and REI will tweek the adjustment as needed. Pay attention when they do so you
    can do it yourself later.
  • 03-04-2010
    I love sales!
  • 03-05-2010
    hey i just bought my first bike, i wanted one for like 6 months, but not cheap so i put away 100 month and finally yesterday i got me a Gary fisher Mullet Sweet bike, I hear is tough ass nails maybe when you get better on biking look into this bike for a CLYDE, we need tough bikes like this , also lifetime on the frame , crazy, 3 years free tune ups , insane bro , look into that when you buy a bike and dont really know how to fix your bike , free tune ups , also ask them to see them do it , watch and learn , they can also teach you bro they aint going to say no, so dont be scared to ask , its your bike after all , nice bike, enjoy it , dont let big dudes try your bike please