Friendly reminder:
DOD's first of monthly "Happy Rides" is happening May 28 at 10 AM at WhyPass (our trails system in the Willamette Valley, OR). The Happy Rides are intended to leave everyone happy as hell and smiling. Nobody will be left behind and every skill level will be entertained...whether from the riding, fellowship or watching me crash...something will get ya smirking and smiling.

Families are encouraged to participate. We're not able to provide child care, but there's good hiking, mud puddle stomping and things for non-riders to do while others are out on wheels. We'll have post-ride soda, maybe someone will provide some barley pop. We're not gonna get too fancy on this one, but we'll make sure the fun is had!

So, if you wanna have fun, wanna learn the WhyPass trails, hang with smelly mountain bikers and just generally enjoy your day without worrying about how fast, how far or who's in front/behind...this will be a great time!

Feel free to get with me at: ireman_1"at" for more details/etc.