• 02-13-2017
    WTB: 1 1/8", 26er, Rigid fork
    My old Ti-hardtail (1995 DBR Axis Ti) is being revamped into an urban assault vehicle. Looking for a 1 1/8", 26er rigid fork with canti posts. 80 or 100mm suspension correction. Need ~7" of steer tube preferably. Bonus points for: cool paint colors, lightweight, eyelets for rack/fenders.

    Located in front range of CO for shipping (80221) or pickup.

    Got anything before I order a Surly Troll fork (or other recommendations to look out for?)
  • 02-13-2017
    Nashbar rigid 26" fork. I have one, and it works great for trails and casual road riding (it's steel, so it's comfy but not light). Doesn't have the water cage bolt holes like surly troll fork, but it does have the mounts for a fender. Comes in black, but I'm sure you can figure out how to paint it any color you want.
    Nashbar Rigid 26" Mountain Bike Fork
  • 02-13-2017
    Vicious cycles makes a nice true temper bladed fork, not cheap, but can paint it to color match your frame.

    Vicious Cycles - Forks

    I think Watts also mentioned in another thread the Salsa Cromoto forks would come back around.

    Honestly, if you are looking for a fork with all the rack'n'fender eyelets at a reasonable price, the Surly forks are nice.