So, I have a friend that rides an XL. He is basically GIVING me (stupid low price) a TOP spec 2016 Trance aluminimum bike... and I am firmly in the Large frame catagory ... SO:

I've checked Pinkbike and several other places. Narrowly missed a few opportunities. Any ideas where I can find a 2016 Large alu or carbon frame??

Also, any suggestion on what web sites might have 2019 Trance (or other) frames for sale? I know that there might be some compatibility issues ... not sure that I want to take on that rodeo... does anyone know how difficult the swap / conversion might be ?? $$ ??

Real excited for King Hubs, wide rims, 4 piston brakes and all the drive train upgrades!!

To be honest, I'm not sure what direction to go. I've never had this level components and everything is near new and recently serviced. Stoked!!