Trek Stache Vs Fuel EX-
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    Trek Stache Vs Fuel EX

    Hey guys new to the forums, in a tough spot as far as deciding between these two bikes. I don't really have any shops local to test these two bikes against each other but was hoping for some feedback or what some of yalls impressions of these two bikes are. I live in Arkansas so we have a fair amount of climbs , flowy trails and downhill trails. I guess what I'm asking is which bike can I shred the trails on the weekends but take to a couple XC races a year? looking at Trek fuel ex 9 and Stache 9.8

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    The rougher the trails, the more it would favor the Fuel EX, especially seated pedaling in the 10 mph to 15 mph zone. I have a Stache 9, and have ridden the Fuel EX, and that's the only place I wish I had something with rear suspension. For some reason, that is where I mostly notice it. Once it gets faster than that, I just let the back end skip over it and it doesn't seem to bother me as much.

    The traction is better on the plus tires of the Stache, and they LOVE fast and flowy. The wheels and tires are slightly heaver on the Stache, but it's not the penalty you might expect. And other places, they really romp and stomp. I suspect a Fuel EX might be slightly faster in an XC race, but I am just guessing there. JMHO, and others may have valid reasons for their choice that differs from mine, but the Stache is probably the best bike for me that I have owned thus far.

    However, I still think you'd be gambling without a solid test ride of both bikes.

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    Stache 9.8 All day

    Weight wise it should be lighter than the Fuel.
    It's a really really fun playful bike.
    Too Many .

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    You need to test ride both. They're very different bikes.

    Both will work for your purposes.

    I chose the 9.8 for long term simplicity. Lack of rear suspension means less parts to maintain.

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    Hey guys thanks for replying to my message and for the excellent advice. I got to make a little road trip today to test both bikes and the Stache won hands down. Don't get me wrong the Fuel EX was awesome too just liked how the Stache handled different applications. I felt it was a slightly more versatile bike and with tons of climbs on my local trails the Fuel Ex didn't hold a candle to the Stache when climbing. Plus having yalls feedback helped me make my final decision.

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