*NOT* Marge Lite.

This is the original Large Marge doublewall rim. Offset drilled for Pugs.

This is my last one.

Back when the Pugsley was first released into the wild, there were very few rims available for it. Basically zero. Surly developed this rim for the Pugs. 65mm wide, offset extrusion, welded and eyeletted. For that time it was a marvel of engineering, and even more unbelievable that such a small company would invest the resources into such a niche. Nobody had heard of fatbikes then -- they weren't even called that. Snowbikes is what they were, and the industry and riders alike really didn't notice or care for a good long while.

For those of us bitten by the Idita-bug, these rims, and the accompanying Endomorph tires, were a form of salvation: We'd been cobbling our bikes together for years, painstakingly searching out incrementally bigger tires and rims every year, geeking out in shops over frames and forks that might have a titch more clearance -- hours and hours, year after year -- and still the best we could come up with was a 3" wide tire (the venerable Gazza), on a 50mm rim (Snowcat, or Sun DoubleWide). That worked, but the Large Marge/Endo combo was bigger, lighter, better -- in almost every way.

Eventually the niche got big enough that singlewall rims became de rigeur, and recently carbon has started to elbow it's way into the spotlight. All well and good -- but this post is about the original Large Marge, because I've got *one* left to sell.

I laced it to a DT Swiss 350 rear hub, using DT Swiss Competition butted spokes and DT Prolock nips. All black, clearly. This wheel is laced offset, for Pugs. There are a handful of other offset frames out there -- 9 zero 7 I think, and maybe an odd Carver or two?

If your frame is offset by 17.5mm out back, this wheel will fit it.

This wheel will NOT work on a Moonlander -- sorry.

It comes set as 135 QR, because Pugs. Freehub can be Shimano or SRAM XD -- you tell me.

I'm including the very rare tire. Sure it's a Larry -- and there are lots of those out there -- but it's a 120tpi casing that isn't paper thin. Not sure if they called them Heavy Duty, or reinforced, or what. But that's what it is -- a supple tire that's built to last, just like the wheel it's attached to.

I have a tube in there now, and that's the way it'll ship. I actually had good success running these tubeless (with the aforementioned Gazza) back in the early 2000's. I think your best bet if you wanted to run it tubeless would be to use a Fatty Stripper setup. Bet it'd be almost plug and play.

This wheel is new, never ridden, never been on a bike.

Cost is $300 including tube, tire, and shipping.

Need it? [email protected]