To be clear, these are 29" (or 29+) wheels, laced to fit a Surly Pugsley.

Hubs are 135mm wide front and rear. Front is laced-on-center to fit most Pugs forks. Rear is laced 135 offset to fit the Pugsley frame.

Front hub is a Surly Ultra New Disc hub. Rear is the venerable Shimano M756 XT.

Spokes are DT Swiss Competition butted 2.0/1.8. Nips are DT Swiss Prolock.

Rims are Surly Rabbit Hole, finished with Surly rimstrips.

Take your pick of silver or gold.

Front hub includes Surly's 5mm hex bolts. Rear hub includes an XT skewer.

Prefer a skewer up front? Sure -- happy to provide one for an additional $11.

Cost for either of these wheelsets is $442 including shipping to the lower 48.

Canada or Alaska? Sure, but shipping will increase accordingly.

Need 'em?

[email protected]