A little background -- I'm 5'10" and have always been sort of in between sizes (medium and large) with most brands. I've always opted for the medium, but I picked up a Kona Honzo recently and went with the large.

So far, I'm really happy with it, though I've only been able to ride it on snow. One thing that is a little different is the long reach.

My older bike, a 2012 Specialized SX Trail, is a medium, and when I get off the Honzo and get on the SX, it feels way, way shorter. In all other aspects, it pretty much has modern geometry (even slacker than the Honzo at 65 degrees, BB height is pretty low, and the chainstays are very short. It has a slacker seat tube angle as well, so when it's in the climbing position, the reach stretches out and it feels fine.

I'm just worried that they feel so different with the seat low and in descending mode that it'll be awkward switching between them. Now, up until now, I've felt "at one" with the SX Trail and have been very fast on it; it is the best bike I've ever owned.

I feel pretty comfortable on the Honzo too, but, like I said, I've only had snowpacked surfaces to ride it on, so I'm not slamming corners like I will when I'm on dirt. It has a 50mm stem, but I'm contemplating getting a shorter stem; as short as possible (which isn't much).

Looking at it, the only stems that are shorter; where the handlebar is almost touching the steerer tube inside, are only about 1/4" or a cm shorter. That is not a lot of difference. Or maybe it is? That's why I'm asking for some opinions. It's a lot of money for a part that is otherwise just fine as-is. I'm just hoping to take away some of that big difference in feel between bikes, so I can hop from one to the other without going through an adaptation phase.