Decided to sell the charging box alone.

1 - 7 Port Bolse USB Charger (mounted on bottom of the box)
6 - Regular USB Charging Cables (4 connected to 4 - dual Hero 3/3+ Battery chargers and 2 free for other options)
1 - Micro USB Charging cable for charging an Android phone or portable battery charger.
8 - Hero 3/3+ Batteries

Unit can charge with all 7 devices charging at the same time. Plug in unit to power strip when it is off (the Bolse USB charger will tend to spark if you plug it in to a live outlet) then turn on power strip. Hasn't affected the unit - it has sparked on me a couple of times but the Bolse USB charger has IC protection and is a really well built unit.

If you do a ton of GoPro footage in the field, this will really help get all your batteries charged up quickly without cables all strewn out.

$50.00+shipping costs. Sold As Is.

Custom GoPro Hero 3/3+ Battery charger (includes 8 Hero 3/3+ batteries)-dsc03420-copy.jpg