Most of what I ride ranges from XC trails where most people ride hardtails, 100mm FS bikes, and people I assume only have 1 bike ride their trail or even enduro bikes to trails where people usually have 120-150mm trail bikes and maybe once or twice a year I'll go places people usually shuttle.

My bikes usually have 120-135mm travel rear and 130-140mm front. However, this time I got a Ripmo and I gotta say I really like the additional stiffness of the frame and general "sturdy" feel. It's "overkill" for 95% of what I ride being that I have always gotten along just fine with 120-135mm rear/130-140mm front but I'm setting climbing PR's over my last bike that was 120mm rear/130mm front and 3 lbs lighter so I'm not really giving anything up to have this sturdy frame.

Anyone else intentionally get an "overkill" bike for your terrain for this purpose?