I built this park bike for my 125# wife. It has been ridden a total of 4 times.

Basically, since my ankles are fooked and I can't ride DH anymore, she no longer has a partner for lift-served days. Thus we're selling her park bike.

It's a LenzSport PBJ. Size medium, 29" wheels, 160mm travel f and 167mm r. Despite that ~7mm travel discrepancy the suspension feels very balanced and oh-so-buttery through chop.

Rear shock is a Vivid Coil with Ti spring.

Wolftooth n/w 32t ring, MRP G3 guide, and clutched rear der mean that chain ain't coming off.

Rear der is an X9 10 speed short cage, moving the SRAM chain across a SRAM 11-32 cassette. A little wider spread than you see on most park bikes these days -- because we did (once upon a time) self-shuttle.

Tires are as seen above -- hard to beat DHF's in 2.5".

Fork is a 2016 Pike -- before they lightened things up. Buttery smoove.

Front wheel is a DT FR front hub laced to a Derby carbon rim with DT Competition spokes and DT Prolock nips. Tubeless. Goop could probably use a recharge.

It's a relatively simple bike. Meant to do one thing really well: go downhill, fast, through rough terrain.

Hayes Prime Comp brakes are simple and reliable, and use D.O.T. fluid. Rotors are Ashima 8" f and 7" r.

Rear wheel is a Stans Flow EX laced to a DT 350 12 x 157 hub using DT Swiss Competition spokes and DT Prolock nips. Also tubeless. Maxle Ultimate -- same as on the Pike up front.

This bike is light, poppy, easy to throw around in the air. It manuals effortlessly -- if you're into that sorta thing.

Happy to include 20mm end caps for the front hub so that you can run a "bigger" fork if so desired.

If you get out on weekends and like chasing your friends down any/every kind of trail, this bike will excel at that as-is and save your gucci/light trail bike from a lot of abuse.

We have a strict one-bike-out-before-another-comes-in policy here. And I have a new trail bike on order, so this one needs to leave pronto. Pricing reflects that -- I'm selling a complete, dialed, near-new bike for less than the price of the frame. Motivated.

As pictured this bike would cost over $5000 to assemble. Selling it now, including shipping to the Lower 48, for $2200.

Happy to meet you at any of Colorado's bike parks to hand it off in person. Price is $2100 for this option.

Need it? Or have questions on details I inadvertently omitted?