Sort of an odd duck for sale here.

I built these for myself, to use on my Fatillac.

~90% of the time I ride my Fatillac with 27.5 x 3.8" tires. Agile monster truck.

For rare occasions I wanted to be able to swap wheels to run 29 x 2.8", so that it'd be lighter, nimbler, faster. That's the wheelset pictured here.

And the honest truth is I almost never ride it with the 29" wheelset. I just prefer that bike in shitstomping mode. Sue me.

So I'm selling the 29" wheelset.

They are DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to Derby 29" rims.

Both hubs are 6-bolt. Front is Boost 15 x 110. Rear is 12 x 177.

Front rim is 35mm internal.

Rear rim is 30mm internal.

Basically I built them to be light, nimble, and fast relative to the B Fat set I usually ride. Complementary.

I used DT Swiss butted spokes -- Revolution up front, SuperComp out back -- and DT Prolock nips. All black.

Freehub is up to you -- I'll install whichever one you need.

There's a fresh wrap of Whisky tubeless tape, along with a set of WTB aluminum tubeless valves.

This is a ~$1550 wheelset.

They've got, at most, ~200 miles on them. Realistically more like half that.

Selling them for $1150 shipped to the Lower 48.

I rode them with Terrene Cake Eater 29 x 2.8" tires. Happy to include those tires -- they are still in excellent condition -- for $70 for the pair.

I also have heaps of 29 x 2.6" tires if that's more up your alley. Inquire.

Need 'em?

[email protected]