Yakima Tracks

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  • 10-22-2009
    Yakima Tracks
    I have an 08' Civic and am contemplating putting on the yakima tracks. I already have the towers and bars, so I figure this will be the cheapest option for a roof rack.

    Have any of you installed these tracks on your car? If so, how sturdy are they? If you have any pics of them installed, I would love to see them.

    I have read a lot about them on camper tops and truck toppers, but not too much about putting them on top of the Civic. If I put them on, I want to make sure they are going to be nice and sturdy and water tight since I will be drilling holes in my roof, they will stay on forever once I put them on.
  • 10-22-2009
    your 08 civic is a perfect candidate for a yakima q tower rack system.
    the benefit of adding tracks is that you have adjustability with the crossbars should you decide one day to carry a canoe, and the next skis.
    that said, a 42" track with plusnuts is going to be a labor intensive install that is going to require drilling about 12 holes in your roof and affixing the tracks with blind fasteners that go into the roof. be careful about doing this into a crossmember in the roof, since the blind fastener won't be able to expand. in that case, you'll want to get the hole repaired at a body shop.
    the other option would be pulling the headliner, and that will never go back on the way it did from the factory, and the end result you will have is a big mess.
    if that doesn't change your mind about adding a track to the roof, i don't know what will.

    if you want a permanent mount with your existing towers - assuming they are the yakima control towers and the landing pad 1 bases, i would suggest using the yakima landing pad 7 base. it is designed specifically for sheet metal roofs, and will attach - pretty easily - to the roof with only 8 holes total...again, don't drill into a crossmember.

    if it were my car, i'd use the yakima q towers, and sell off the other stuff you already have that you can't use, like your old towers.

    good luck
  • 10-22-2009
    Keep in mind that my vehicle is older than yours (95)... I went to the junker and got some rails for next to nothing. Then at home depot I got some nuts that work on sheet metal the same as the yakima plusnuts. It comes with a tool to flatten them into the sheet metal, They cost $5ish. So for less than $15 it was successful, Oh I also used some silicone to seal the holes. not sure if that was needed. That was about 2 years ago. I have had no leaks and they are sturdy with many bikes, ski boxes, even moved beds and couches etc.
  • 10-25-2009
    I have tracks on my Volvo wagon and have installed tracks on a number of other vehicles. The permanent systems are my favorite as my lifestyle is gear dependant and I want a rack that I get configure to my needs. For someone else who worships there car then I'd go a different route.

    Sometimes roof crossmembers can be in the way but I haven't had any issue with it. I like the plusnuts that come with the tracks as they're easier to use than with the LP6. My only concern with the civic is the curvature of the roof. The tracks will bend and contour but depending on your prefered placement they might not bend enough which would suck if you already drilled it.

    My car has had tracks for 3 years and no issues. Q towers you do need to clean the pads and the roof on occasion but it's fast on and off and easily transfered to other cars in the future.

    If you want a bomber rack with no worries, drill it. if you're not detailed oriented and have trouble following directions look to Qtowers. Cost is a concern but you're only talking about $200 difference on a what $18k car. Buy the system that works for your needs.

    I'll have to post photos later.
  • 10-28-2009
    I am at the same spot as you with my 09 si, but I am worried the sunroof is going to force me into just buying the civic clips for what I already have. But maybe I just answered for myself. Post pics if you do decide to get the tracks.