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    Yakima Roof Rack Lock Issue (raingutter)

    So I bought a used rack maybe 5 months ago from a guy on craigslist.
    Raingutter rack, it's not the newest model of them maybe the previous one.
    Anyways, it had locks installed in the towers(4) and he couldn't find a key (he had a bunch but none worked).
    Now, they are unlocked what I want to do is REMOVE the cores and install my new ones that I have a key for, problem is, I went to REI and the guy tried using the control key and it wouldn't work, he said it must be older lock cores because they do not work, the key blank fit but did not turn or remove the core.

    So my question is, how do I go about removing these cores? Is there an older control key for older cores? I honestly do not mind that much because it's damn near impossible trying to remove the rack with my doors closed but I would just like to have new locks and everything.

    thanks in advance for any help

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    If it's an old style core the key number will be printed on the front of the core. Call The company for assistance.

    If it's a current style core, the core needs to be in the unlocked position in order for the control key to work. If you have the rain gutter style the handle will be free to turn if unlocked.

    If it's not unlocked some REI stores have a master set of Yakima keys...you can do a trial and error to find the right key.

    If the cores are unlocked and the control key didn't remove the cores they are probably gunked up. Soak them with WD40, go back at it with the control key, wiggle the key as you apply outward pressure and see if that removes the core.

    If the core still doesn't come out try some more WD40 and this time use a thin dental pick along with the control key and carefully pry out the core as you twist, wiggle and pull on the control key and pick.

    Best of luck.

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    the control key will not turn the lock. first you have to make sure that it is, in fact, unlocked.
    if in fact this is a 1A Raingutter tower, then the core should come out. When you insert the control key, you will want to wiggle it side to side while slowly pulling it out...these can be a bit hard to get out.

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