first off, yes, I had a 1up that got hit, but decided on a cheaper replacement....

So, REI has(d) their anniversary sale.... which I took advantage of, 20% off of the $239 MSRP plus 7% NJ sales tax.... so it ended up being $204.58 (I'll spend the savings on upgrading my MTB)

RIDGEBACK 2 | Yakima

I also had a Yak Holdup 2 prior to the 1up. I had to get a shop to cut off nearly an inch from the rack to fit my receiver.

Back to the Ridgeback.

So, their mounting seems to be a ripoff of the 1up. Converting down to 1-" requires more disassembly and is less elegant than the 1up ball design.

That's where the comparison to the 1up stops.

Unlike other mast style racks, this does not use rubber straps, which are a PITA to use. It uses what Yakima calls "ZipStrips".... basically the plastic ladder strap, similar to that of the Yakima HighRoller, but unlike the HighRoller, there is no racheting system on the rack.

Super easy to mount & secure a bike. Comes with cheapo nylon straps to secure the wheel to the downtube, to minimize the swing of the wheel. Might want to look for something better....

It does tilt down, as long as it's not loaded with bikes. The lever is pretty clunky and does not provide decent feedback on the opening.

I can't have everything for $200.... but it's close enough