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    Yakima rack for 4 bikes of all sizes (kids)

    I get a pretty hefty discount on Yakima products and need a bike rack for my wives SUV. I use a 1up single on my car. I'm looking for real-world feedback on Yakima's 4 or 5 bike racks. The reviews seem to indicate a few of the models have issues with kids bikes and that is a concern for me. My son is on a 20" and my daughter a 16". Does Yakima make a model that works well for smaller bikes and adult sized bikes?
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    I have the 4 timer but limited times for using it as 4 bikes and nothing in 'odd' size bikes.
    That said, I wonder if Yakima might be a good source for input from the tech dept or real world users / customer service. It seems likely their employees would have similar needs or experience's.
    Sometimes, I'll web search things like that as 'images' and a picture is truly worth a 1000 words.

    In years past, we had a pop-up camper and bought a generic 4 bike hauler that was little more than 4 aluminum trays for the wheels and a corner post at all 4 that was 30" tall or so. Endcapping the outsides with full-size bikes, it was always very easy to configure smaller bikes in-between and use a few bungee's. I can see the same opportunity with the 4 timer or something similar. If price isn't a hurdle, I'll bet there is a prettier way doing though - lol.
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    My parents have a FourTimer. It works perfectly fine for the 2-3 uses a year when they take the grand kids on a cross country trip for a week plus. They only used it down to 20" wheels though. It clamps down on the top tube so that might not be to your liking. One of the bikes has a matte finish and the rubber arm pad leaves marks. Glossy finishes are fine.

    Have a friend with the FullTilt. Have seen him load bikes on and understand how it works. Bike sway is always in issue with these top tube hanging type racks. They are casual around town bikers so pretty sure any in-depth performance questions would be lost on them.

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