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    Yakima Bighorn

    I have an old Reese Hitch Bike Rack and it really sways and have to put something(pipe foam) around my tube for protection. I don't transport my bikes too often, I was looking at a Yakima Bighorn. Is this a decent hitch rack? Also, is it normal to have alot of swaying with hitch rack? Thank you

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    no bike rack, in my opinion, should have side to side sway...the bighorn, like many others have a nut welded/inserted inside the tongue of the rack that allow a bolt to tighten to, eliminating the side to side sway you are describing..

    the yakima bighorn is a decent rack...works well...the bike arms don't fold flat when it's in a "storage mode" so it will always be sticking out. if you intend on leaving it on your car for exttended periods without a bike loaded, you may want to look at the yakima doubledown racks.

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    I've had the bighorn 4 for almost 2 years now. So far only had one incident where half the bike broke loose on the freeway and the rear end was swaying out behind. Luckily I noticed it and pulled over quickely. That was with a Special-ed enduro bike which was very hard to mount due to the frame design. And on mine, the bike arms DO fold down, and it can also be tilted down to get into the hatch.

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