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    Just bought a 04 Xtrerra. Now i need to figure a way to slap the bike on it.....Comes with a nice factory roof rack. Id go that route but, that might kill the gas mileage. Or i was thinking of putting a hitch on it.....What yall Xtrerra owners rocking??

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    My 02 has a factory hitch,so thats how I transport mine on the rear. I considered the roof, but thought it may be a bit tough to get it up there due to the height. I looked at putting it inside, but I was going to have to drop the seatpost, too much bother !!

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    I used the Yakima roof system because it was cheaper than installing a hitch receiver and buying a hitch-mount carrier. But I would rather have a hitch mount. Because -

    Easier to load/unload. Do you have side-steps?

    Better MPG (slightly) - but MPG isn't affected that much.

    Bikes on the roof get plastered with bugs (not a big deal really)

    I'm always afraid I'll drive into a garage and forget the bikes are up there. This one is a big deal. A buddy of mine ruined his bike this way once now I'm paranoid.

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    I have an 04 as well....I have it on the roof.....no real change in fuel mileage.

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    Don't have an Xterra (have a Frontier), but I don't think the mileage will get dinged that bad with a roof rack, based on my experience with a previous truck (have a hitch rack on the Frontier). I went with a hitch rack this time around because a) I was tired of lifting the bikes onto the roof, what a PITA, and b) I was tired of worrying about garages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABS0LUTEric
    What yall Xtrerra owners rocking??
    I've been through various stages of bike & toy hauling with my '06 Xterra. I have on occasion needed to carry 3+ bikes, Rocket box, kayak, dog & kitchen sink. Here are some some random thoughts:

    Originally went with a Thule Helium 3 bike hitch rack, it works... mostly. Easy on/off and very easy to navigate around the rear door without removing the rack. When I needed to carry the family bikes it turned into a jigsaw puzzle. It was very hard if not impossible to get 20" & 24" wheeled bikes on the posts (which was the primary goal of the original purchase) not to mention three bikes seemed like the limit for the rack in regards to weight. I was concerned about long term reliability.

    Reality was, 90% of my travels were & still are bike & dog thrown in the back (rear seats folded down), so no need for a rack really. Oh, and I'm too lazy and refuse to remove wheels & drop seatposts to go for the fork mounted interior style setups.

    Hmmm, already had crossbars & a bike tray available in my garage....

    I dumped the $300 Helium & picked up an inexpensive Swagman. While the tray style rack doesn't fold out of the way, my limited use of it won't be a deterrent, besides it's easily a two minute install. With the money left over I scored a stupid crazy deal on Ebay for some Yakima Lowrider Max towers.

    Now I have the option to easily carry one bike inside, or two on the hitch rack, or 2+1 up top,or even 2+2 if I steal the other tray off the wife's Subie; and the new crossbars make it super easy to mount my Rocketbox & kayak mounts for the 6-10 times a season I really need it.

    There are also some very nice direct fit trays that will mount to your existing roof rack if you intend to haul just one bike. My Xterra has been a completely awesome sled.

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    I have a 04 X and a 08 Pathfinder. both came with a hitch that carries our Thule 4 bike carrier. works wonderfull.

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