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    Word of caution on the Yakima Hookup 2 Rack

    Just to let you know. Dont break anything on you bike rack. You will never get the parts. Last night my wife backed into a brick wall and snaped one of the sleads that hold the bike. Not only are they and backorder, there is no ETA for release if ever. Then if they do decide to release it the price on JUST the slead is $150 that dosent include the arm or back wheel holder. I ended up ordering the attachment that lets you hold 2 more bikes for $240. for $90 more you get the attachment with 2 sleads and arm assemblies. Beware!

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    Didn't yours come with the warning sticker, "Caution: Do Not back into Brick Walls!"

    Just kidding, Vinny (well, kinda sorta), but it sure sucks when you have to buy a whole new something or other just to rob it of the one gizmo you need. Seemed like just a couple of years ago, Yakima was on top of it with the aftermarket parts support, offering to send me small Cobra parts for free that I didn't even need! Your story and another posted last week by a Cobra owner has me thinking that the "new" Yakima ain't all that -- I hope my Highrollers hold together without any spare parts issues!
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