Truck racks. . .what do you recommend?-
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    Truck racks. . .what do you recommend?

    Yo. I just got a pickup truck, and want a good rack to hold my bikes. I got the Delta Stableloader, but I have to admit, they should call it the "Not-so-Stableloader". It was very affordable, but there is a lot of bob in it. I have only driven it around my parking lot with bikes in it, and it does not really inspire confidence.

    Soooooooooo. . . what do you use in your pickup truck? It's only a super-awesome website for a super-awesome store. Just click it. I dare you.

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    the company i work for gives me 24/7 use of a brand new colorado. i got a telescoping bar w/ 3 bike mounts from nashbar--sporttrack brand or some crap i think. i got some wire to secure it to a fastening eye on the truck bed--slow down a thief for a second maybe--I doubt any1 would want a cheap piece o junk--but maybe just take 4 meanness seein how the best of people occasionally gets a mean streak in some way. havent tried it out for stability yet. probably later this week.

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    I wonder if there are any new topics...

    You might try a search on the topic. This thread has been done before several times.
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    build your own with 2X6's....make a box that fits between your wheel well and cab......make slots for the tires to fit and use tie downs.....done deal
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    i have a 2x6 cut to fit snug between the wheel wells of my tacoma. bought a mountable fork mount, put it on the board and i'm done. locking fork mounts at rei for $20. can fit two bikes easily and can fit a third by adding a 8"-12" piece of board to the 2x6 so it raises the bars of third bike up.


    do you have close u pics of the rack at the bed rail? is that just a roof rack tower fitted to the edge of the rail?

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