Truck bed storage setup for MTB - tips?-
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    Truck bed storage setup for MTB - tips?

    Planning on getting a pickup truck for the first time and curious as to how to set up the bed most effectively. Would be using the truck just as a normal daily vehicle (drive to work, grocery shopping, etc.) and then for stuff like mountain biking and skiing on the weekends, with a bit of camping in the summer and road trips. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

    Curious as to what the best setup would be for the bed - should I buy a canopy? A tonneau cover? one of those lockable storage boxes? Also, how do you stop all of your stuff from just flying around the floor of the bed? I like to keep tools and various items in my SUV trunk currently that I'd like to keep in the truck bed. Also would like to be able to store my MTB securely in the truck bed so that I could keep it in there while at work or overnight, etc. Currently doing all of this with my SUV but it's a bit of a hassle and would like the extra storage space that a truck has.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

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    My father has a farm truck that he uses as a truck most of the year so permanent racks or anything is a no go. We have taken it on a few trips with just a wooden tire holder with straps to store bikes stood up and all the stuff we need on the road in the back in waterproof duffel bags. It was pretty much free and works, but if you have a short bed truck then you will be best off getting a tailgate cover and chucking stuff in the back of the truck. In terms of security, I just used a standard bike lock connected to the truck bed tie down. But obviously we didn't leave stuff in the back of the truck overnight.

    In terms of moving around, we kept stuff between bikes in the back and behind the bench seat of the truck. Nothing moved, you just need to be smart about stuff that can get wet but it is less of a problem if you have an extended cab.

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    If you want to store your bike the only option would be a full camper shell.

    If you want to use the truck for camping or overnight trips, get a shell thats tall enough for you can at least knell upright in. You then can sleep in there and change clothes pretty easy.

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    I think a fair bit depends on which truck(s) are in the running.

    Definitely agree that for keeping the bike inside, a full camper shell should be non-negotiable.

    If you want to store tools, I'd put the camper shell high on your list, too. There are ALL KINDS of storage boxes. Some will be more secure than others on their own. The shorter the bed, the less space you have to work with for other things like tool boxes and stuff.

    Thing is, a fair number of thieves know to look in trucks for tools, which sell well.

    What sort of camping setup are you looking for? Basic car camping where you put up a tent, and you'd basically just use the truck to transport your gear? Rooftop tent? Under a hard canopy? Pulling a trailer (anything from a big RV to a little off-road camper)? Boondocking? Developed campgrounds?

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