Installed the Topeak OneUp in my home office/get away from the wife area and it worked out well.

Instructions could be better. Best way to align the back tire piece is a level or straight edge running down from the far right side of the top piece. Align the right side of the lower piece to that and then test fit with your bike hanging to see where to fit the screws.

It's minimalistic, has two hooks to and holds my 70oz camelback and helmet nicely if not a little cramped...

It does require you to lift/man handle your front tire on to a peg so it may not be for everyone. I prefer this style of mount vs's more aesthetic to me for a smaller area.

You definitely will want to mount the top portion into a stud.

Looks nice and was less than $30.

Bonus is my wife is happy with it. It looks neater than having my bike up against the wall with my helmet and camelbak hanging off the bike. Plus she can vacuum easily now. Said I shouldn't have come home with the bike without this item now

Just my 2 cents.