Top bar cable guard?-
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    Top bar cable guard?

    I looked through a couple months of posts on here and didn't see this issue -

    A regular hitch mount bike carrier that you carry the bike around via the top tube - meaning if all your cables are on the side or bottom of your top tube, you're pressing/clamping the cables right into the tube/paint.

    I am guessing the easiest way to prevent paint damage is wrap the tube at the points the carrier holds the bike?

    What about damage to the cables? Stretch? Any damage to hydraulic brake lines?

    Is it worth 200-300% more for the platform style bike carriers to avoid this kind of damage?

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    Top bar cable guard?

    Been using this type of bike rack exclusively since 2003. It is going to mar the paint on the bike a little bit where it sits in the craddles.

    It is not going to damage the cables or hoses, but as you say it will mar the paint underneath them without some sort of frame-guard. Personally, I have never given a crap. My bikes get scratched up just from riding them as intended. It is not like after three years I have these otherwise flawless bikes with scratches under the top tube. I have frames that are scuffed up and scratched up everywhere.

    IMO, the main problem with the traditional hanging racks is that it can be a real ***** to fit some frame designs on them. Every FS bike is a new puzzle to be solved. I think the paint damage aspect is a little silly to fret over, and definitely not something I am going to spend hundreds of dollars to avoid.

    IMO, the real advantage of platform racks is that they easily work with all different bike designs. The only issue I have is with the ones that grab onto the front wheel don't work with a lot of fenders and front bike racks.
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    15mm is a second-best solution to a problem that was already solved.

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