Thule T2 Pro XT owners...have an issue-
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    Thule T2 Pro XT owners...have an issue

    Iíve had my T2 Pro for a season. Iíve always notice that when I have it tightened and secured in my hitch, it does not sit straight when I have the rack in its vertical position. It seems to lean to the right side at with the last twisting of the knob to secure it. The rack itís self is tight and secured with no sway or movement. It has always bothered me but does not affect its functionality. Any idea on how to fix so that when itís in its vertical position it doesnít look like itís crooked?

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    A couple things can cause this but the likely cause is the hitch itself. All 2" or 1.25" hitches have openings that are actually slightly larger than their listed sizes. The additional clearance is there due to the rolling process of the steel and the specific min/max tolerance given to that tubing supplier of the hitch company as well as the fact that hitches are designed to accept a ball receiver which place a static load to the bottom surface of the receiver allowing the hitch companies tolerance this way. Hitches are not designed to carry bike racks, cargo baskets, etc.. All this said when you install the hitch in the receiver and tighten the wedge it pushes itself into the corner of the receiver tube, if your vehicle has a receiver with a larger opening you will see an exaggerated tilt/lean in your rack. Most hitch racks have 1/16" to 1/8" clearance on all four sides so you can potentially have as much as a 1/4" of total play side to side or up and down with a rack. Any rack with a wedge can have this appearance and there is really no fix, I have known some people who have wedged the bottom surface to level the rack, the only other option might be to switch brands of hitches. Although I have mounted the same rack on two of the same vehicles with the same brand hitches and one is level and the other is not. Hope this helps...

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    Does it look like this? I think mine is out more than just the receiver tolerance. It looks almost as if welded it up crooked.

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