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    Thule t2 classic

    When Thule states that the t2 classic fits 5" tires, but not 27.5" fat, is the limitation the width or the height?

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    This seems very strange to me.
    I have a buddy who rides a Trek Farley with what I believe are 27.5 x 3.8 width tires and I ride a 29er with 2.6 tires and his tires are no larger in overall diameter than mine are.
    I see the 27.5 fat tires as being more like a high performance sports car tire compared to an average passenger tire, in that they are mostly the same overall height, just more of it is taken up by rim with less tire squish area than you get with standard 26" plus tires.

    I have a T2 XT Pro 1.25 on one of my cars and it says the same thing on it's description, and while I have never put his bike on that rack, I see no reason with the wheel tray, ratchet arm or overall length that it wouldn't work just fine on his Farley.

    The 27.5 fat tires do seem to be more "flat" on the treads and less balloon shaped or round. Maybe that's the issue is that it's wide and flat as opposed to round big and does not sit down into the rear tray? Front tray of mine has Plenty of room for his.
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    Is it because a 26x4 tyre is similar to a 27.5+ x 3.8 but a 27.5+ x 4.7 such as a Bontrager Barbegazi has a much larger diameter?

    Thule are just covering themselves albeit rather vaguely;

    Thule t2 classic-rack-info.jpgThule t2 classic-tyre-info.jpg
    What a perfect waste of time

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    Flame me, but glancing at the Thule diagram, it looks like poor wording.
    '20 min AND 29 max' could be better expressed as: acceptable wheel diameters are the sizes between 20 and 29, with 5" the maximum tire width.

    That's how I read the diagram anyway.

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    The Thule T2 Classic and the T2 Pro XT do not fit 27.5" fat bikes, the tire spec came out after the racks were launched. The hook does not come far enough up the tire to allow for the bike to be carried safely.

    They state it in their feature on the website:
    "Ideal for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, and fat bikes as it fits 20 - 29 wheels and up to 5 tires without adapters (does not fit 27.5" fat bike)"

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    I saw Thule's quote. I guess I wondered if it was the height of the width. Isn't a 27.5X3.8" still considered a 27.5" fatbike? I wondered about the 27.5" 45 Nth vanhelgas fitting in there.

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