Thule T2 916xtr on my Tundra-
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    Thule T2 916xtr on my Tundra

    I figure I post up some pics of my new Thule T2 bike rack. So far I'm liking it a lot. I even got a couple of compliments on it. It looks good folded up and it looks even better when I have my bike on it. The only thing I added was some reflective stickers to help people see the rack when it's folded and unfolded. I love the fact that I can open my tailgate with the bike mounted on the rack. Which means I can still access stuff from the bed if I needed to. Of course it only takes a few seconds to un-rack the bike so I could do that too if I needed to get larger items from the bed of the truck.

    Bike Mounted. I added those red reflective strips.

    Bike mounted and tailgate open. It clears!

    Folded up. Bumper clearance.

    Reflective stickers
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    Well done, and nice whip. You in Santa Cruz, by the way?...

    I'm getting ready to get one of these, used, for 250; it comes with only three locks--two with the arms, one on the hitch. Do I need more than that? Of course, I plan on Kryptonite-locking my bike to the rack somehow, anyway.

    Also, any problem areas I should look out for? (I've read some posts about the arms rubbing suspensions...

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    Would recommend to not leave on (and folded up) on the vehicle. Take it off. It takes about one minute anyways. Otherwise, you might get a ticket for "obstructed license plate". In my experience it's a reason to pull someone over that's doing something else at the time (I've never gotten any tickets personally due to it, but I have Vet plates), but it's not worth taking the risk. I take it off and place it on the side of my garage next to my vehicle when not in use. Otherwise, I leave it down for short jaunts like yesterday when I was transporting a bike to someplace and not bringing it back. That way they can't pull the "blocked license plate" crap. Cops have been quoted saying to people on these boards that they won't pull anyone over that has a bike IN the rack, but when it's just "folded up" they've been known to pull people over and give them a hard time. Most likely because they were driving like a jackass, but it's legit to pull over and ticket just due to this.

    The other thing, don't leave your bikes on the rack for any extended period of time, and if you do, have multiple cable/chain locks. Keep it in sight. DO NOT LEAVE BIKES ON IT OVERNIGHT, NEVER!
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