• 03-13-2010
    Thule Sidearm + BMW OEM roof rack = FAIL
    Wondering if anyone is using the Thule sidearm with the BMW oem roof rack?

    For the Thule tray, I have the xadapt9 on the back working fine, but it's the front that I can't get on.

    First, the carriage bolts that came with my Sidearm (6mx45mm) aren't long enough -- with the metal bracket in place, I can't get the 3-wing knobs on.

    Second, there are raised plastic stripes on the underside of the roof rack that makes positioning of the tray awkward. Do people install the tray in between the plastic piping, or on it?

    Didn't realize it would be so problematic. :madman: I'm thinking of returning the trays and getting a Curt hitch/Kuat NV instead.
  • 03-15-2010
    Have you tried getting regular nuts from the hardware store? A lot of times the nut on the wing knobs is slightly recessed, so that is can be difficult to get the threading engaged
  • 03-15-2010
    you should probably install the front so that it doesn't interfere with the small raised plastic on the underside. if you can't avoid it, it's not a big deal, but just think about the purchase you'd get having the underbar clamp on that, instead of the fat crossbar.

    the carriage bolts that come with the sidearm aren't going to be long enough, and i would recommend using the xadapt 3 from thule to span the distance on that thicker bmw crossbar.

    good luck!
  • 03-15-2010
    I recommend giving Thule a call tomorrow (closed Mondays?), but I'm guessing they will recommend the longer carriage bolts. I think it would be important to get the official company word to prevent any disasters, as bike racks coming off on the freeway are dangerous to property as well as other people.
  • 03-27-2010
    Thule sent me new carriage bolts at no charge. They are now long enough to secure the clasps onto the front BMW oem crossbar. I have one clasp mounted off the plastic stripe, and one mounted on. Seems very secure.

    The item number is: 915066031, Carriage Bolt M6x60. Got 4 per Sidearm, so 8 total.

    Thanks for everyone's advice!