Thule Roof Rack Question-
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    Thule Roof Rack Question

    I bought my Thule roof rack stuff on Ebay a few months ago and just got around to putting it on my car. My problem is I did not realize I would be limited on the length of the cross bars - I did not realize the rack feet could only slide in so far. So, the bars do not technically fit but it seems like my setup will work. Looking for advice from fellow Thule rack owners and/or engineer-type people to tell me whether I am OK or if I should downsize to the 53 inch bars.

    The below picture shows the rack feet just barely fit on the roof rails. The instructions say the middle of the feet should be on the middle of the roof rails, but that is clearly not the case. In my mind, the rack feet are securely tightened and the weight of the kayak/bikes will still be distributed OK. Any thoughts? OK with these bars or should I size down for a proper fit?

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    I'd call Thule to verify, but if it were me I would downsize to make fit proper. I have this feeling I would always be thinking about it and worrying if I kept those bars.
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    Yeah man, Ive been working at a shop that deals Thule products and Ive been doing installs for 5 years. Obviously I've never gotten as far as putting bars too big on a vehicle. But I've always installed the crossroad footpacks directly in the center, not off to the side as much as you have. So, my honest recommendation, get the right size bars. It may work, but hey, it also may not and its not really worth the risk if you've got boats on your roof.

    Hypothetically, you could always just extend that channel on the bottom of the bars. Get out your circular saw, jigsaw, or dremel with a cutting jig, and just extend the cut of that channel by lets say 3 inches. Again, would be a pain in the ass, but its been done before and won't sacrifice the function of the rack. I'd only do it if that ebay deal doesn't let you return the bars, which I'm kinda assuming is the reason you're even posting this question on a forum.

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    Bike are expensive. Crossbars aren't (in comparison).
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    Thanks to all for the responses. I have sent a message to Thule's customer support with the picture to get their take on it.

    I bought the bars new on ebay but it was a 3-4 months ago so I can't return them now. Bars are certainly cheap vs ruining a bike so I just may try to sell these 60 inch bars on ebay or craigslist and get the right size.

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    yikes. i wouldnt trust it

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