• 07-03-2010
    Thule Pro ride 591 and Aero Bars

    I have recently purchased the above bike racks and bars or my 03 VW Passat estate/station wagon.

    (Thule 591 is the rack that clamps on to the bike frame using an extendable arm). Thule provides instructions for the customer to reverse the position of the arm that clamps onto the bike, so each arm can face outward and make putting the bike on the car roof easier.

    I have followed the instructions, but wanted to ask if anyone else has the same set up. Because of the reconfiguration of the mounting hardware, one rack is slightly more forward than the other (using the t-bolts that are designed to fit the aero bars). Can anyone tell me if there set up is fitted the same way? When using the t-bolts for the aero bars I noticed that the racks do not fit to the bars in quite the same way the regular u shaped clamps do, as the t-bolt is to one side of where the u-clamps would be mounted.

    Any help much appreciated, I only fitted it yesterday and wanted to check it was okay before heading off to the trails with my bike...

  • 07-04-2010
    Yes I have the same setup.

    In fact I have 3 of the 591's mounted on Aerobars. The one in the centre points backwards and the one on the RHS of the car has the reversed arm that you mention.

    It is correct that when you reverse the arm, one rack will be further forward than the other. This is actually an advantage as it keeps the bike handlebars apart if you have them mounted close together.

    You're good to go.
  • 07-06-2010
    Thank you for confirming herzog. Trying it out this weekend.