ive got a thule insta-gator in my truck bed. it worked well enough for my bikes before, but i just got a 29er and even though the product description from thule says that it will work with up to 29" wheels (and 3" wide, so not just road bikes), it doesnt work with my bike.

besides tie downs and alternative truck bed racks, does anybody have any suggestions on how to get the insta-gator to work with my bike? i think some people have found solutions, and i came across this, but it doesnt seem to fix my issue.

in my case, the insta-gator arm gets up and around the wheel just fine. it just doesnt come back in enough to ratchet it down. which means the bike gets in there, but the arm is loose and doesnt hold it securely.

so anybody have experience with this and know a good workaround? again, other than abandoning the insta-gator?